Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Huge selection of 2" Domo Qees at Tenacious Toys

I have often been asked: "What's with Domo? I don't get it." 

OK. Domo is one of those things that will never make sense. Domo is a square monster with pointy teeth. You might have seen him chasing kittens, and he farts a pink cloud when he's nervous. Inexplicably, this crazy character is the mascot of Japanese TVstation NHK.

Hong Kong toymaker Toy2R has long produced a vinyl version of Domo in 2" and 7" sizes. There have been 3 series of blind box 2" Domo figures, as well as countless blister-packed singles, con-exclusive and store-exclusive Domo characters (see the 2011 SDCC Nerd Domo above). We love Domo so much we gave him his own page on our site.

This is the 2" Purple Fur Domo, which you can find in our Domo section