Friday, September 30, 2011

Glyos x Argonaut Resins: Tuttz & Kings of Atlantis

Just when I thought the collab between Argonaut Resins and the Glyos system couldn't get any cooler, we have this announcement from END of Argonaut:

This second part of the project will feature the return of the Kings Of Atlantis in Glyos action figure form! I will also finally reveal all of the Kings' powers with this release. As with the Tuttz Glyos we teased earlier, the talented Victor Durango will be handling the paint work. As we near completion on this project, everything will be fully revealed by Matt Doughty [of Onell Design] with all images of assortments and pricing.

Are you confused? No idea what I'm talking about? OK, here's the rundown:

Onell Design is the company behind the Glyos system of customizable action figures. All of their pieces and parts are interchangeable, giving you an infinite number of different ways you can customize their figures: accessories, heads, limbs, colors... an infinite number of combinations is possible.

Argonaut Resins is one of the premier resin figure companies working today. Operating out of Hoboken, NJ, Argonaut has a number of incredibly successful resin figure releases under their belts, not the least of which is their always-sold-out Tuttz series.

This collaboration between the Onell and Argonaut has Argonaut pouring resin heads and accessories compatible with the Glyos system. This allows the Argonaut characters to take on new life as action figures! The Tuttz cats and the King of Atlantis skulls take on added dimensions as they transition into articulated action figures. This is a case of the end product becoming more than the sum of its parts: two universes smashing together to form the genesis of an entirely new collaborative product line!