Friday, September 30, 2011

Edward St. Hubbins resin figure by Room 909

Jared Flynn of Room 909 will be at Booth #780 along with Titanum Toys and Alpha Godz in The Cultyard at this year's New York Comic-Con. Jared will be debuting his new resin piece "Edward St Hubbins" which comes in 2 colorways (above and below) and will sell for $275 each. This thing is MASSIVE at over 13 inches tall!  Rock n roll for real.
Here's more info on the piece:
Edward is a monument to the rock gods that have blown out our ear drums and kept our neighbors up all night.  This resin titan stands just over 13" tall.  Each piece is cast and finished by hand and no two are completely alike.  The finish is a real ground metal coating in a water based binder with layers of colored patina and a clear coat sealant.
Sculpt by Jared Flynn.  Molding and casting by Tony "Titanium" Montalvo of Alpha Godz Entertainment.

Find out more by going to the Room 909 website, and visit them at booth 780 at NYCC!